Conservation International – in cooperation with the provincial and municipal governments of Batangas, Oriental and Occidental Mindoro, University of the Philippines and other key academic institutions, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), non-government organizations and national government agencies – has undertaken a vulnerability assessment of the Verde Island Passage to climate change. The goals of this initiative were to: 1) determine the likely impacts of climate change on the marine biodiversity and related human well-being of the VIP; 2) provide recommendations for adaptive management that specifically address climate change impacts; 3) build in-country support for addressing the impacts of climate change; and 4) provide working examples of marine biodiversity-based adaptation for the Philippines.

The assessment was targeted towards providing key adaptive management recommendations and appropriate climate change adaptation strategies to be integrated into existing corridor-wide, provincial and municipal coastal and/or environment management plans. 

Photo Credit: Jurgen Freund

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Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of the 
Verde Island Passage, Philippines